Kerala Honeymoon/Family Package

Kerala- where everything you capture is breathtaking. A state on India’s south western coast is well known for its greenery, stable climate, backwaters, hill stations, waterfalls, plantations, paddy fields etc has attracted people from different part of world, for decades. The culture here is closely related its unique geographic features.

With Arabian sea shoreline spanning 600 km in the west, the western Ghats towering 500-2700m in the east ,and networked by 44 rivers and many back waters forms at least 900 km of waterways make its geography a unique one.

Kerala the most advanced Indian society in literacy, healthcare, cleanness, hospitality adds the quality of life. Social harmony is another factor that makes Kerala  the most peaceful society. Its economy depends significantly on remittances from a large expatriate community and tourism. If it is your first visit in Kerala, you are about to plan a second one .  

We provide the following packages in kerala

  1. 2 night 3 day package
  2. 3 night 4 day package
  3. 4 night 5 day package
  4. 5 night 6 day package
  5. 6 night 7  day package
  6. 7 night 8 day package
  7. 8 night 9 day package
  8. 9 night 10 days  package


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